Euan Bayliss, Maths Tutor

Maths tutoring in western and central Edinburgh

About Me

I’m a maths tutor based in Gorgie, just west of the city centre. I’m here to help you to understand the mathematics that you need, whether it’s for school, university or work. My students so far have ranged from a primary school pupil looking ahead to the 11+ up to an undergraduate student needing to resit a calculus exam, as well as two nurses and an oil rig engineer! Maths tutoring is for everyone who needs a little extra help in understanding the maths they need.

My most important qualification is this: I love my subject!

I am an Open University graduate, with a BSc(Hons) primarily in maths and I am qualified to teach in the lifelong learning sector – you might call it Adult Learning.

Euan is a really great teacher, he explains difficult concepts in a simple way, working through model answers to help you do questions step by step – giving you a great base to answers questions by yourself, as you will have to do in the examination. I’d really recommend him.


1st Year University Student, Aberdeen University

What I Offer

If we are working face-to-face, a maths tutoring session involves me coming to your home, and sitting with you (or your child) for an hour working on maths. The maths can be what you (or they) are working on at school or college. It can also be helping to strengthen the basics so the more advanced maths isn’t such a mystery.

I also am available to tutor remotely. I have successfully used this over Skype and using an online whiteboard to share ideas – this works really well if you have access to an iPad or a similar tablet device.

Either way, you pay for only the time we are together. Depending on what we’re doing, I may send homework to help consolidate what we’ve worked on together.

Our Commitment

Any work that is one to one needs commitments from both sides, and maths tutoring is no exception.

My commitment

It’s my job to help you understand the maths you need. If you don’t understand a topic, it’s up to me to find a better way to approach it.

Your commitment

As a maths student, you also have a commitment to make – to yourself. You need to commit to doing your best and putting in the work required to learn the subject. I can’t be with you is in the exam room, I can only help you prepare for it.

To say the lessons were helpful would be an understatement, as they completely changed my future prospects of education. Euan is a very committed and inspiring tutor, adapting his teaching to the different subject areas and lessons.


GCSE Student


Times and Prices

How long is a tutoring session, and how much does it cost?

The most popular pattern for tutoring has been an hour each week or each fortnight, although there are variations, for example, you might want to do something more frequent if there’s an exam coming up. Alternatively for younger students, an hour may be too long, in which case I can offer half-hour tutoring sessions.

For an hour, I charge £40, and for half an hour I charge £20. I don’t charge for travel time, but I reserve the right to add a small surcharge for half hour sessions where the travel time is significant.

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