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About Me

My name is Euan Bayliss and I’m a maths tutor based just west of Edinburgh city centre.

I offer tutoring for all who need help with maths, having worked with students at all levels, as well as nurses and even an oil rig engineer! I am a maths graduate and am qualified to teach in the lifelong learning sector. I consider my main qualification is this: I love my subject! I have always loved playing with numbers and enjoy working with all aspects of mathematics.

Euan is a really great teacher, he explains difficult concepts in a simple way, working through model answers to help you do questions step by step – giving you a great base to answers questions by yourself, as you will have to do in the examination. I’d really recommend him.


Undergraduate Student

How It Works

Whether the tutoring is for yourself or someone else, I can work with you in two possible ways: I can come to your home or we can work remotely via Skype and using a web whiteboard to share ideas.

For face-to-face tutoring, I can do this if you are in the centre or west of Edinburgh. This means that I come to you and we work together. We can work on a subject you are covering at school or in college, we can work through basic maths skills if you feel that would be most appropriate, or, if you’re facing an exam, we can work together through past papers. What we cover is very much up to you. For most students, an hour is an appropriate length of time for a tutorial, usually either every week, or every fortnight. For younger students, an hour can be a bit too much at a stretch, so we may opt for half-hour tutoring sessions.

For remote tutoring, you can be anywhere! My most common approach is to use Skype along with an online whiteboard to share ideas.

Because of Euan I was able to continue onto A-level, studying Physics, and am now able to look at University courses in Pharmacy that would not of been available to me before. Euan’s lessons were interactive, versatile and most of all imperative to achieving good results. To say the lessons were helpful would be an understatement, as they completely changed my future prospects of education. Euan is a very committed and inspiring tutor, adapting his teaching to the different subject areas and lessons.


GCSE Student

Our Commitment

Taking on a tutor is a commitment, and it’s one that works both ways.

My Commitment to You

My job is to present mathematical ideas in the best way that helps you to understand them. I consider that if you don’t understand something, so long as you are putting in the required effort, it’s my problem and one I must solve.

Your Commitment to Yourself

You must be ready and committed to doing the work required to understand the material. Remember that the one place where I cannot be with you, is in the exam room. I can only do my best to make sure that you are prepared and confident when you get there.


My daughter looks forward to her maths tutoring sessions with Euan as he has an easy and encouraging teaching style. Lessons work well via Skype and the virtual whiteboard and are always paced and tailored to her needs.

She has gained the confidence to say when she doesn’t understand something and Euan responds by providing plenty of examples to help her grasp the concepts.

I now have a daughter who no longer fears maths and we gain all the benefits of extra tutoring without the time commitment and expense of travelling to a local tutor.


Mum of secondary maths student

What It Costs

I am currently available on Friday evenings and weekends only. Do get in touch if you’d like to check any other evening.

The cost of tutoring is £40 per hour and £20 per half hour. If follow up work is likely to be useful, I will include that at no extra charge, although it’s not my intention to add too much to the average student’s workload!

Useful Resources

Below are links to some maths resources that I have found helpful, and hopefully, you will too!


The NRICH site offers a lot of material for anyone, and covers all levels from early primary to A level/Higher.

Go to the NRICH site

Math Learning Center Apps

Here is a collection of apps which you can use online, or download to your iOS or Android device. I find them fun to play with, but they are also very useful to help understand mathematical concepts such as equivalent fractions.

Go to the MLC Apps Page

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