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Maths tutoring in Edinburgh

Helping you find your way with maths

Do you need help with maths?

Are you finding it hard to get the help you need?

If so, then I can help. I’m a maths tutor based in Edinburgh, and I have worked with maths students from primary school, up to undergraduate maths. I’ve also worked with nurses and even an oil rig engineer. Can maths tutoring help you too?

To say the lessons were helpful would be an understatement, as they completely changed my future prospects of education. Euan is a very committed and inspiring tutor, adapting his teaching to the different subject areas and lessons.


GCSE Maths Student

How it works

How does tutoring work?

As the sessions are one to one, I can give a level of attention which can’t be easily achieved in the classroom. I can either go over problems that you (or your child) are finding difficult, or alternatively build up core maths skills. My goal is to help build confidence, consolidate knowledge and support achievement.

Face to face tutoring is available in Edinburgh, in this case, I will come to your home.

Alternatively, tutoring is available via Skype if you’re outside Edinburgh or prefer that method. I use Skype alongside an online whiteboard – this works best if you have access to an iPad or similar tablet device.

Tutoring works best if it’s done on a regular schedule. For most, I recommend an hour either every week, or every fortnight. However, for some younger children an hour may be too long, in which case half hour sessions are available.

Where appropriate I may also send extra homework to consolidate that done in the tutoring session.

Euan is a really great teacher, he explains difficult concepts in a simple way, working through model answers to help you do questions step by step – giving you a great base to answers questions by yourself, as you will have to do in the examination. I’d really recommend him.


First year student, Aberdeen University

What it costs

What does it cost?

The standard rate for tutoring is £30 per hour. For half hour sessions, I charge £15, but reserve the right to charge £20 where there is significant travel involved.

This includes the tutoring itself and any follow up work I do.


My daughter looks forward to her maths tutoring sessions with Euan as he has an easy and encouraging teaching style. Lessons work well via Skype and the virtual whiteboard and are always paced and tailored to her needs.


Mum of Year 10 student, Newport, Essex


Getting Started

Taking the next step

If you are interested and want to know what tutoring can do for you, give me a call on 07851 992169 or e-mail me using the form below. I’m happy to talk through your options and then you can make an informed decision as to whether tutoring is right for you or your child. It’s important to emphasise that tutoring can only work well if everyone involved is totally committed to it. I can’t be with you in the exam room! I can only help give you the skills and confidence so that you can achieve your potential when you get there.

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Useful Resources

Useful Resources

Below are a small number of other websites that might be useful.

NRICH Maths Page

This is one of the most useful sites out there. It’s packed with excellent mathematical puzzles and activities from early primary school level maths right up to A level/Higher.


About Me

About Me

I’m a graduate from the Open University, getting a BSc honours degree, predominantly in maths. I also have a City and Guilds qualification in teaching in the lifelong learning sector – otherwise known as Adult Learning. I have taught and spoken in a variety of locations – from running workshops for people who are newly out of work, to running sessions at web development events, and, of course, tutoring in maths.

Maths has always been my subject. My mum mentioned that as a very small child I used to count incessantly (I don’t remember!) so it’s not surprising that my favourite TV character is the Count from Sesame Street.

When I’m not doing maths, I am a member of Toastmasters International, and can be found at Haymarket Toastmasters. I’m also fond of getting out and about, whether running (which I do slowly), or cycling (which I also do slowly). I’m definitely a tortoise and not a hare!

My next project is to create a maths programme for trainee nurses and other health professionals who need basic maths. Let me know if this is of interest to you.